Distraction at Work

Smartphones, social media, and games compete for employees’ attention all day long. Learn why people become distracted by technology and strategies for maintaining focus.

Keeping Employees Focused and On Task

Electronic Aggression Including Cyberbullying

People can be mean to each other online—very mean. Learn about how technology encourages cyberbullying and other aggressive behaviors, as well as the risk factors and personality types associated with electronic aggression.

How Being Behind a Screen Facilitates Negativity

Truth Versus Fiction

The difference between the truth and “fake news” is not always obvious. Learn about the tricks that are used to manipulate people’s beliefs, and how the Internet affects people’s thought processes.

Fending Off Mistruths

Is Technology Changing Our Brains?

Scientists are beginning to unravel the connections between our everyday personal technology use and brain activity. Children's developing brains may be most vulnerable, but adults may be affected, too.

The Internet and the Brain through the Lifespan

Parenting in the Internet Era

Parents are worried. Their children are lured to video and computer games, social media, and online media. Learn why children and adolescents are attracted to these pursuits, how these activities might affect development, and what actions parents can take.

The Forces that Influence a Child's Psyche

Education, 3 Ways

Computers and the Internet have revolutionized education for children, adolescents, and young adults. But, at the same time, new technologies create perils for youths' attention, memory, and learning. Find out how to recognize when new media are interfering with learning and how to make a plan for dealing with it.

Educating Elementary, High School, and College Students

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